Sunday, April 24, 2011

Throat clearing...

Is this place still open?
The apartments in this building at SW 6th & SW Tyler in Topeka, Kansas, are still occupied.


  1. What a wonderful place! What is it? If I were wherever it is and could rent an apartment in it, the deal would be done NOW!

    Love the photo in the header, too. Kansas City's got a lot of hidden treasures - that one's a keeper!

  2. It is an apartment and remains occupied.

    I'd love to see the condition of the interior, and I'd love to know if the third storey is inhabitable. Although my aging knees might object to the reality of climbing all the stairs, the idea--the prospect--of a third-storey room remains very attractive.

    By the way, I love the photograph taken on Murdoch's on your "Galveston Rising--The Light" essay.

  3. You and Virginia Woolf - I think it was in The Waves that she wrote, ""it is the panorama of life, seen not from a roof but from a third-storey window, that delights me."

    I live on a 3rd floor, technically, but there's one floor above me in this building. Every now and then I walk up there and think about moving up if the apartment ever came available. It's more expensive (a negative) but on a clear day you can look straight north and see the Houston skyline. Still, I have plenty to see where I am.

    Thanks for compliment on the Murdoch photo. It's one of my favorites, too.