Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off the wall and of the wall

As I pedaled home Saturday from the Downtown Farmer's Market, I found these in the alley south of Poyntz, between Fourth Street and Fifth.

Art and meta: art imitating art.

Having been trained by the rhino, we might now recognize this to be art. No explanation is necessary. Or sufficient.

The way of all flesh: hopping toward oblivion

Monday, August 08, 2011

Manhattan gets a pizza the action...

1121 Moro, Manhattan (Aggieville)

China has a great wall, Greece has a 2500-year-old temple dedicated to a virgin goddess, Egypt has geometric solids with polygonal bases and triangular sides inclined to meet in a point, England has a pair of large circles of megaliths and Monty Python, but we have the oldest continuously operating Pizza Hut on the planet. 

"Summa petit livor" or "envy aims very high"--Ovid