Monday, July 04, 2011


Weiner or Wiener? Did I ever know how this is spelled? Pronounced WEE-ner, that I know.

DSK? DKS? DS-K? Have I ever really read his name, or did I just lazily detour to "the IMF guy" because lately I'm feeling short of both short- and long-term memory? Overloaded with information, information that soon won't rise even to the level of trivia.

Seen while Owen, Taylor, and I inhaled noodles at Zen Zero in Lawrence
June 2008

And who did I think this guy was? I took this photo furtively, so it's not very sharp--low light, a too-slow shutter speed, wrong color balance. But I was sure at the time I took this photo that this guy was the rock star. Robert somebody. Legend. Robert. Last name rhymes with "ant" or "plant" or something. Probably not him anyway. No matter.

[I have no idea if this fellow was who I thought he might be. Same for the IMF guy.]

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